worm wheel gearbox
This gearbox utilizes a 30:1 ratio worm-drive reduction for applications that want extremely slow and smooth rotational motion. The worm-drive design not only minimizes backlash but in addition eliminates back again-driving the gearmotor so a posture can be held even if energy is not utilized. The precision surface 3/8?¡À stainless steel result shaft is backed by dual 3/8?¡À ABEC five ball bearings to aid lots from any orientation. The ??¡À ABS plastic and aluminum framework offers a rigid framework without incorporating needless fat and is conveniently mounted to any flat surface by using the base mounting tabs. Our Regular Spur Gear motors will work with this gearbox (electric motor sold separately). The Vertical Shaft Worm-Drive Gearbox is ideal for turn-tables, time-lapse programs and low-price applications that require higher precision and torque.

Motor RPM demanded = 1 / (minutes per rotation sought after / 30)
Instance: one / (10 minutes per rotation / 30) = three RPM motor had a need to accomplish ten minutes per rotation (at max speed)
Dimensions 3.43″ x one.93″
Product Weight 5.9oz (0.375 lbs)
Output Shaft Diameter 3/8″ (0.375″)
Motor Size Compatibility Regular Spur Gear Motors

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